Rent properties in Tashkent

Facade of house for rent at hotel grand mir area in Tashkent

To rent a property in Tashkent, you first need to ask a few questions and give answers to them. These can be the following questions:

  • What should be the house?
  • How many people should it be calculated for?
  • What should it look like and what conditions does it have?
  • Where should it be?
  • Which objects should be near it?
  • How much rent can I expect?
  • Where can I find the right property for rent?


Let’s try to answer on each of the questions. It is necessary to determine what size the house should be, how many there can be floors, bedrooms, bathrooms. How many family members will live in it? For whom do they need separate rooms? What size should be the hall. Do I need a study-room? Is there a garage in the house and how many cars is it designed for?

The property can also have additional facilities. For example, it can be an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, a summer kitchen, a winter garden, an open space for relaxation, a gym, a home theater and much more.

The next search criterion is the location of the property. It can be a city center or a quiet elite district. The main thing is that there was a necessary infrastructure and convenient transport interchanges nearby.

After the presentation is formed what should be the house for rent, it is necessary to determine the amount for which you can count as a rent.

Finally, you can start looking for a suitable home. You can search through the ad, but it’s better to trust the professionals and contact the real estate agency.

Our real estate agency has a large base of real estate for rent and sale. We conduct detailed consultations to fully satisfy the needs of each customer.