Luxury house having 3 bedrooms and a huge garden near cafe “Salom”

This offer is of a luxury house that is on sale in Tashkent near cafe “Salom” in the Mirzo-Ulugbek district. It is situated on Kurbanova street, quite near to the main Buyuk Ipak Yuli street, and only about 10 minutes walking distance from the metro station. All the other necessary amenities are also nearby – two large supermarkets and lots of smaller ones, three large restaurants, banquet hall, one of the most famous hotels in Tashkent, as well as a sport complex with an open stadium, tennis courts and an open all-season swimming-pool. The house itself was built using inspiration from both European and Eastern decoration styles, which blended into a unique look. On the first floor it has a living-room with vintage furniture, a working fireplace and remarkable pieces of art on the walls. The dining-room, also on the first floor, is divided into the culinary and sitting zones, the latter having a nice view onto the swimming-pool and summer terrace. The bathroom on the first floor, besides having all the usual accessories, also has a washing machine and a multi-purpose shower cabin. The floor across the whole house, as well as the staircase to the second floor are all made of fine wood. The master bedroom on the second floor has a large king-size bed, with more paintings from famous authors decorating its walls. There is even a balcony outside this room, which sports a remarkable view onto the lovely garden beneath. The master bedroom of course has a private bathroom with a jacuzzi. On the second floor there are two more bedrooms, one for the children and one for the guests, each having a unique design appropriate for their role, as well as a small walk-in closet, which is still big enough for quite a few shelves, hangers and an ironing board. Last, but not least, is a comfortable and light study-room, that has everything one may need to work at home. Now, the most beautiful part of this property is, of course, the huge garden, designed for all kinds of activities. To begin with, there are different kinds of plants growing, and not just decorative ones that were arranged by a hired designer, but also fruit trees that regularly yield rich harvest. Next, there’s the marvelous swimming-pool, with clean filtered water, that has an additional section for the kids and some place around it for sunbathing. Third on the list are two open summer terraces, one made in an Eastern style, with an Uzbek topchan and a palanquin above it, providing shade to relax and enjoy your meal, while the second one is a more traditional European style pavilion-like terrace with a table and some chairs around it, that has its walls made of growing vines, giving enough cover from the hot sun even during the middle of the day. Nearby there is the summer kitchen, where you can cook every kind of delicious food one can imagine. And lastly, so as not to forget about good health, there is a small building with a fully equipped gym, that has training simulators for every kind of work-out, plus an air-conditioner and large glass windows to have a peaceful view of the garden. 

On the first floor of the house there are

  • Large dining-room
  • Living-room with a view onto the summer terrace in the garden
  • Guest-room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom

On the second floor there are

  • Three bedrooms
  • Two bathrooms
  • Walk-in closet
  • Study-room

In the Basement there are

  • Winter wardrobe room
  • Laundry room
  • Cool storage room
  • Boiler room

As mentioned in the bullet-list above, the basement has several functional areas, each serving its important purpose of either storing your food or things that need to stay in a cool place, or providing space to dry your laundry. Regarding the technical facilities of the house, everything is maintained in good condition on a regular basis by a skilled technician, most of the electrical appliances are of foreign manufacture, together with the boiler/filter/heating systems. The house even has two lines of electricity, for emergency cases, so if it happens that one goes out, it is always possible to simply switch to another to have uninterruptible electricity supply. Lastly, the closed garage can fit two cars easily, and there is enough space for 2 to 3 more outside.

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  • 800 sq.m.
  • 200 sq.m.
  • 420,000$
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