3 room minimalism-style apartment on Sadik Azimova street

An apartment with a truly unique design is offered for long-term rent. Located near the Japanese embassy, on Sadik Azimova street it is inside a “Gabuz”-built house, which is the type of house with flat that have special layouts with large living areas and spacious rooms. This flat sits on the first floor and thus, has its special advantages that are really hard to find. Naturally, it has easy access from the street, as well as from the underground parking, that is connected with the rest of the house via an elevator, so you can get directly from the garage and into the flat and vice versa. Secondly, in the back of the house there are some privately maintained gardens, and one of them relates to this very flat. It is a fenced land area with some trees, green grass and a barbecue zone, so you can enjoy eating your self-cooked meal on a sunny day among the green trees as if you were living in a private house. The apartment itself has 3 rooms, out of which two are bedrooms and one is a large dining-room that is joined with a kitchen to form a studio-like space that is very light and spacious. There are also two bathrooms, one being private in the main bedroom. The overall design of the flat can be described as minimalistic, which in this case means that every piece of furniture and every bit of space serve its purpose and are highly practical and ergonomic. This is especially valuable since the apartment isn’t particularly huge, but because the layout was thought-through quite well, you will never feel a lack of space. Another great feature is that all the furniture and electric appliances are brand-new, high-quality items. Last but not least is the location and security – besides the underground garage, the house has a parking area in front of it for all the flat owners and tenants, which is fenced and has a guard booth at the entrance. Although the house is situated on a quite road, it is still close enough to the main avenue, where there are a lot of convenience stores, shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as two large parks nearby, one of which was built quite recently.

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  • 140 sq.m.
  • 2000$ per month
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