Comfortable 3-room flat on Center-6 district

Having a wide range of properties in different regions of Tashkent, this rental offer is for a medium-sized, reasonably priced flat in a high-security house with lots of useful features. The location is quite central, with a metro station literally within 3 minutes walking distance, a multi-purpose stadium with a closed swimming-pool and tennis/football courts is situated some 15 minutes away, small grocery shops and cafes all around the area, as well as two large parks (a family amusement and a recreational) in about a 15 minutes stroll. Conveniently situated on the fifth floor of a nine storey building, this flat consists of three rooms and measures 170 square meters. The building, a well as its underground garage, can only be accessed through an enclosed back yard which has one gate and a security booth next to it, that allows no trespassing. In the mentioned garage there is a parking space that belongs to the owner of the flat, so you won’t have to bother with finding a place to park. There are both an elevator and conventional stairs to get to the 5th floor the flat is on. On entering the flat you step into a spacious entrance hall, followed by a long corridor with rooms on the left and right. First one to the right will be the kitchen, that is equipped with all the necessary appliances except the dish-washer, which can easily be installed by the owner in case you need it. Being a large kitchen, it can also serve as a family dining area, with a sofa, small dining-table and some chairs already present. Next down the corridor to your right are two bedrooms, with high-quality, pure-wood furniture of Italian manufacture, king-sized beds and large windows, allowing for a lot of light, but directed towards the west side, so as not to wake you up too early in the morning. And right in front of these bedrooms are two bathrooms, one with a shower and the other one having a jacuzzi-type bath. In-between them is a small room which is best described as a storage-room for different household things and electrics, a quite useful area to have in a flat. Lastly, you can enter the living-room, with a large dining-table for ten guests, some cupboards with beautiful china and glass-ware, a TV-stand with a tuner, as well as a door onto a roofed balcony, where you can have some afternoon tea, all the while enjoying a nice view.

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  • 170 sq.m.
  • 1500$ per month
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