Huge classic-style five room apartment on Sapyornaya street

Would you love to live in a flat, but feel like living in a private house? Then look no further, as this offer is exactly for you. This second floor apartment truly looks like a family dream house come true right in the middle of the city. The total space is a huge 280 square meters area. To begin with, there is the living-room, which can only be described as a grand banquet hall, with the furniture complimenting the feel in its antique and classic style. There are actually quite a few rare and exquisite pieces of decoration present, that can probably only be found in private collections and such. Despite the massive looks, the sofas and armchairs are in reality very comfortable and soft to the touch. Of course, modern technology is not forgotten, and there is a flat TV screen with a tuner to receive a plethora of channels, as well as an air conditioner for hot summer months. Then we have a kitchen, adjacent with an open-space dining-room, where there classical materials and style blend with modern highly-technological appliances like refrigerator, gas stove, oven, microwave and others. The dining-room has a ceiling made of pure fine wood and a wall of solid bricks, which combined with an impeccable brown floor present a unique view and atmosphere that is hard to come by in an ordinary flat. With three completely different bedrooms, each person of a family living here can choose his favourite place to rest and relax. Designer made chandeliers are hung up in each room, together with two curtain types – a light-weight transparent ones and heavy blackout ones. The three bathrooms each have a size of a small bedroom, with Greek-style cream-coloured decorations and showers. After all the mentioned rooms, there was still a good amount of space left for a private study-room. Of course, not only the flat is so gorgeous, but also the house is made to a high-standard – there is an underground parking in additional to several open space slots, a high-speed lift which can take you from the garage straight to your apartment, the house is located in a small compound that is fenced and has a security booth at its entrance, with a guard inside at all times. There is even no need to mention anything about the location, as naming Grand Mir Hotel as one of the close landmarks immediately gives and idea of just how central this flat is situated. If you are interested in this or any other property we have on offer, feel free to call or e-mail and we will be happy to help you in your search.

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  • 280 sq.m.
  • 2500$ per month
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